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phpManta is a suite of PHP classes, scripts and examples intended to help PHP programmers writing stable PHP websites and applications. Coding is faster using auto-documentation, templates and web widgets from the phpManta suite.

With phpManta suite, you can easily auto-document your own PHP code:

Mdoc screen shot

View immediately why Mdoc class rocks!

Mdoc class

Mdoc is a new auto-documentation tool to create manuals like PHP manual at web site, so in a style common to the PHP community and is very efficient to share your code as APIs.

Mdoc parses the PHP source code and its comments to build the manual for a class or a library. A class is a valid PHP4 or PHP5 class, a library is a file of functions, both may contains constant declarations.

Documentation may then be displayed formated in native or custom (X)HTML code which can be included in web pages. Native format style is mostly inspired from PHP manual at web site.

Custom format is built thanks to a powerful template feature and can be in any structured language such like XML (assuming the template smart display flag is set to "off" to disable the XHTML smart display feature).

Learn more about Mdoc:

Mdoc versus phpDoc and phpDocumentor: phpDoc generates confusing Javadoc-style manuals (see there) while phpDocumentor requires a significant installation process before providing any acceptable result (and sounds as confusing as Javadoc, see there). Mdoc provide instant smart documenting, see Mdoc in action on itself for code maintenance in author view or as an API in public view.

Mtest class

Mtest class is released in experimental status to handle the Mdoc test suite.


Current release is 1.0.3:

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The phpManta suite is running in this site.

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Work in progress

Preparing phpManta suite 2 planning, will add Mmenu and Mtemplate to provide the minimum components to build a dynamic website. Change component folder structure and scripts to improve productivity and interest: make easier to use, simplify config.php, propose a consistent framework while ensuring component independent usage in any PHP application or website.

Preparing phpManta suite road-map, will add new components: Muser, Mforum, Mnewsletter, Mpoll, Mclock, Mcalendar, Mupload, Merror, Mcart, Mpayment (PayPal and Cyberplus) and maybe more.


04 Feb 2006 The phpManta suite 1.0.3 release is out, Mdoc and Mtest classes are now available in PHP5 syntax too.
11 Jan 2006 Here we are! The phpManta suite first release is out, package 1.0.2 is available from SourceForge download page.
06 Jan 2006 phpManta suite is imported in CVS repository and tagged for 1.0 distribution.
Mdoc class 1.0 (PHP4 version) passed all tests on PHP4 and PHP5 dev-servers.
29 Dec 2005 This web site opens.


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